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Bluffton University



Lois Kagan Mingus
New York City, NY

April 20, 2007

Dear Jerry:

The Bluffton University community was honored to host Lois Kagan Mingus and Jerry Goralnick of The Living Theatre Workshops on our campus for a weekend in January 2007. Although our group of fifteen students, faculty, staff, and community members came to the workshop with varying degrees of theatre experience, we learned to perform “Not in My Name” under Lois and Jerry’s inspired and enthusiastic leadership. As the director of our theatre program and a participant in the workshop, I was impressed by their facilitation of the workshop experience. Right from the beginning, every participant was included as a vital and equal member of the emerging company.

Blufflon University has a small theatre program, and this event was the first direct exposure to avant garde political theatre for many of our performers and audience members. We were challenged to expand our definitions of performance with helpful demonstrations and encouragement from Jerry and Lois. We learned the play by putting it into our bodies and voices, spending many hours on our feet before ever picking up the script. As facilitators, Jerry and Lois pushed us to improve and excel without alienating participants new to theatre or to this performance style.

It was a pleasure to have these artists on our campus. I would highly recommend The Living Theatre Workshops to any campus or community.

Again, thanks for coming, and I look forward to having you and the others back again next year. Let's stay in touch.


Mellisa Friessen, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Theatre and Communication Chair, Department of Communication and Theatre

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Since 1947, The Living Theatre has created an imaginative alternative to the commercial stage by using the theatre to further social change.

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