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Jaques Levy, Director
January 22, 2003

Jerry Goralnick
Plaza Street West
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Dear Jerry:

It was wonderful having you and the other members of the Living Theater here for a few days. The workshops were fascinating and challenging to our students, and went a long way toward reminding them that there is more to theater than Broadway Musicals. I have received good feedback about what you did with them, and I could see, as the work with them went on, that they were very much involved and having a great time. I'm sure they never expected to have as much fun as they obviously did. It's really important, from time to time, to shake students loose from the constraints of predictable exercises, and what you were doing with them certainly did that.

Again, thanks for coming, and I look forward to having you and the others back again next year. Let's stay in touch.

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