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22 August 2005

The Living Theatre Workshops with Jerry Goralnick and Lois Kagan Mingus worked in residence with us at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, during January of 2005 for two weeks. DePauw has a Winter Term where students take one course for three weeks of an intensive experience, and for this course entitled "Experimental Theater in Action." The Living Theatre members were the featured Artists-in-Residence.

The class of 26 undergraduate students came up with an original performance based on physical acting techniques that came from The Living Theatre, but the entirety of the content came from the workshop participants, the actors. They developed six scenes working three hours per day for ten days. and presented to the public a 50 minute performance that is still being talked about on our campus many months later.

Only a handful of the students who took the course had significant theatrical backgrounds; most were there to find out something new. And they did. Some of the student comments about their experience with "A Day in the Life" include the following:

"After speaking to some of my peers I realized that this performance sparked more dialogue than any of the workshops, lectures or forums I have organized or attended. The Living Theatre is needed in a society especially in this day and age."

"Even those who had no interest in performing prior to this seemed to be experiencing the same things. Provided the chance to do it all again, I would not hesitate. And the fact that I heard everyone in our class say the same just proves the power of theatre."

"I loved seeing these people who went through the same process as I did and came up with beautiful scenes. I loved stepping out of my box and doing something I would never have done. I loved becoming extremely close to these other students with whom I would have never talked. I loved putting together such a moving and innovative production. I loved arguing with Jerry. I loved having packed houses the first two shows. I loved the tableau vivant. I loved Lois. I loved this experience!"

"We really came together, and each person contributing his or her ideas, creating an experience like none DePauw has ever seen before. All kinds of people were talking about the show and complimenting me on my part in it. And since we have started people talking about the issues we brought forth, then ee have started them thinking about the issues."

I offer my unqualified recommendation for The Living Theatre Workshops. Please feel free to contact me for further discussion about The Living Theatre.

Dr. Tim Good
Assistant Professor
Communication and Theatre
tgood@depauw. edu


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