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Mount Union College


Mt Union

Dear Lois and Jerry,                                     May 1, 2010

I wanted to write to thank you for your work this spring with our students in
their production of The Living Theatre Workshop’s A Day in the Life…  Our
students had a wonderful experience during their three days working with the
two of you.
From the early exercises to the finished product everything was well
organized and thoughtfully approached.  You allowed the students to truly
take possession of the show and develop a piece that was personal and
important to them.
Our students have not had much exposure to experimental theatre and as
such were a little hesitant as they approached this project.  You immediately
put them at ease and made the process challenging but not threatening.  The
way that the two of you led them from the tableaux vivants through to their
final performance was professional and engaging.  To a person, the students
were enthusiastic about the work they did during the workshop.
Following the performance there was a short talk back time held with the
audience where the student’s were asked to choose one word to describe
their experience.  Some of their words were: amazing, profound, provoking,
unique, silly, cool, sweet, open, risky, problem solving, cooperation and
Here are some additional comments that our students made about their
experiences working with the two of you:
“The experience definitely gave me a new insight into some creative
teaching ideas, not only about actual theatre exercises, but teamwork
and problem solving.” 
“I was thrilled to learn new theatre related activities. It will be beneficial
to me as a future drama educator.”
“They wanted to learn just as much from us as we wanted to learn
from them.” 
“I was really surprised at how willing they were to work with a totally
random group of strangers on a project that absolutely had to be
finished in a few days, which was truly an undertaking.” 
“They let us create the entire show ourselves. It was truly about what
we wanted and they were there for guidance, support and
I was very pleased with your work with our students and would be happy to
recommend The Living Theatre Workshop to other schools that are looking
for a “risky, sweet, cool” experience for their students.

MT Union sig

R.H. Roggenkamp, Jr.
Professor of Theatre and Department Chair
Department of Theatre
Mount Union College
Alliance, Ohio   44601

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Since 1947, The Living Theatre has created an imaginative alternative to the commercial stage by using the theatre to further social change.

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