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February 2002

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Letter of Recommendation



Dear Jerry and Lois,

I am delighted to provide a letter of support for The Living Theatre for the reference of other college and university presenters who may be considering your company for residencies or performances. 1 sincerely apologize for my delay in doing so but, as it turns out, there may have been at least one good reason for this. Had I written immediately following your February ’02 project with us, perhaps my enthusiasm for what The Living Theatre did here with our students and audiences might have been construed as merely the warm and fuzzy ramblings of a contented presenter in the afterglow of what certainly seemed at the time to be a resounding success. Indeed, your company’s artistic gifts were much more than that. And longer lasting too.

Precisely two years later, one of the twenty seven students who committed themselves to that intensive, one-week performance residency project with you, recently dropped by my office and humbly stated the sort of thing that every teacher longs to hear: “Mr. Walker” she said “I want you to know that the work that I did a couple years ago with The Living Theatre has changed my life. Thank you for bringing them to Trinity.” I have been presenting guest performing artists here for fourteen years now. We have had some remarkable people on our stages. But still, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times that a residency project has had such a profound effect on all involved. This young woman’s impression was added to the list of other comments I had received over time from other students, from faculty, and from members of our public audiences as well; there’s nothing quite like The Living Theatre.

So, finally, this is the message that I would pass along to my associates at other venues and schools who may still be unsure about whether to take the risk of presenting The Living Theatre. Yours is a company of great distinction in the American theater; a company of unwavering commitment to social justice, a company with a passion for inventive artistry, and a company with the maturity and resolve to do the work to share your longstanding mission with students and audiences alike. Long may you play!

Best Regards,


Jeffry Walker

TEL: (860) 297-2330/2948 FAX: (860) 297-5380



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